sonnenglas solar jar mini - set of 4

by Sonnenglas
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The Sonnenglas solar jar is the ideal ambient light source for your patio, a practical lantern during a camping trip or a romantic light decoration in your home. You can also use it to share your ideas center stage...the inside of the glass jar offers you a unique frame for little treasures, wedding favors and anything else that deserves a special spot in your life. 

LED technology

Each solar jar is equipped with LEDs which are charged via the solar cells in the lid. As you expose it to the sun, your jar starts fueling with energy. By flipping the magnetic handle, the electronics inside of the lid are activated and your jar lights up. In case of cloudy day or lack of sun you can conveniently charge your solar jar with the Micro-USB port.

Fair trade

The solar jar is a true fair trade product from South Africa. Production has so far created more than 65 full-time jobs for previously unemployed men and women from Alexandra and Soweto; they make it mostly by hand. This guarantees the highest quality and long life. The brand considers it imperative to think in an eco-friendly manner from the early stage of product development, and their goal is to leave our world in a better condition than we found it in.

What is it? solar lights 
Brand Sonnenglas
Model Sonnenglas mini set of 4
Cool features warm-white light
  responds automatically to environmental brightness
  LED that indicates the charge level during USB charging
  minimum of 20h shine time
Suitable for  indoor & outdoor
Includes 4 jar lights
Warranty 12 months on normal usage


Size 8,5 x 8,5 x 11 cm, 250 ml
Material Recycled glass, stainless steel, steel wire, Neodym magnet, plastics, silicone, electrical assembly parts
Power  Solar energy
Rechargeable battery 
Micro USB cable
Charging time 4 hours
Burning time 20 hours, minimum
IP 67 (rain and short immersion)
What else? UV resistant

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