New garden

New garden

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    About the brand

    The New Garden brand started life with a selection of lit outdoor flowerpots made in polyethylene, available in a range of colours and textures, and has since expanded to contemporary garden illumination.

    Its innovative designs, amazing
    products and competitive prices, placed New Garden firmly on the map as one of the most important lighting brands in Spain.

    6 products
    Lola Slim Light
    anthracite brass grey
    Lola slim 30 table light
    New Garden
    AED 209.00
    rocket light
    Rocket table light
    Rocket 20 table light
    New Garden
    AED 149.00
    Saona garden lights
    Saona natural floor lamp
    New Garden
    from AED 399.00
    Lola Lux 20 table light
    New Garden
    AED 259.00
    Candela Hanging Lamp
    Candela Outdoor Light
    Candela 30 floor lamp
    New Garden
    AED 339.00
    Lola 20 Table Light
    lola lights
    Lola 20 table light
    New Garden
    AED 109.00
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