LED tealights warm white

by filini
AED 599.00
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FREE shipping in Oman (Min order 2,500 aed)

Filini lights are work horses. Solid, stable, value for money. Each box contains 12 identical tea lights.

What is it? Cordless table light
Brand Filini
Model Tealights
Cool features Warm white
  12 Pre-set colours
  4 Colour changing modes
  Realistic candle flicker
  Remote controlled dimming
Includes 12 Lights per box
1 Charging tray
1 Remote control
Warranty 24 months on normal usage


Size Tea light: ø 4 x 5 cm Charger:
Material Polyethylene
Power  Rechargeable batteries
Induction charging
Charging tray for 2 lights
Charging time 8 hours
Burning time 12 hours
IP 65 (water proof)
What else? Shock & UV resistant
LED lifetime min 50.000 hours
Also available in multicoloured
Accessories Remote control (included) 

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