la lampe popup charcoal

by maiori
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The Popup lamp is designed to "pop up" anywhere, at any time, on a table, in the garden, or even on a terrace.

Extremely compact, it fits easily into a bag to provide light wherever you are during 6 hours.

The design of the lacquered aluminium lampshade was inspired by a Japanese art form - Kirigami, which consists in cutting paper and giving it different shapes, often with movable shapes. This art form is still associated with the announcement of a happy event.

The lamp's battery can be recharged by exposing it to the sun, or if necessary, using a USB dock, thanks to its hybrid module.
Equipped with the Bluetooth technology, its functions can be remotely activated and programmed.

What is it? Solar light
Brand Maiori
Model La lampe popup
Cool features Warm white light 
Integrated solar panels
  Charged b by daylight & USB dock
  Available in: charcoal, white, light taupe, mustard coffee
Suitable for Indoor & outdoor 
Includes 1 Light 
Charging cable 
Warranty 12 months on normal usage 


Size 10.5 x 10.5 x 10.5 cm
Material Powder coated Aluminum
Power  Solar energy 
Rechargeable battery 
USB dock 
Charging time 5 hours 
Burning time 6 hours, minimum
IP 44 (water resistant)
What else? Bluetooth transmitter