moon candle dia 12cm

by qult
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It looks like a real candle – and feels like one, too. But this one will last forever! Qult candles won’t melt in the sun, won’t turn yellow, or burn down too quickly. Every candle is hand made in Germany from premium wax-like material that stays permanently in shape and size. The interchangeable maxi tealights sit neatly inside the candle and create a zen glow from inside out, radiating warmth as well as giving you the realistic ambiance of a flickering flame.  So now you no longer have to worry about melted wax on your table!

What is it? Candle
Brand Qult
Model Moon
Cool features Bright white colour
  Looks like a real candle
  Suitable for outdoor use
  UV / crack resistant 
  Durable: Qult candle holders can be used again and again
  Can be branded with your logo
Tealights come with a clear cup to let the light shine through
Warranty 24 months on normal usage 


Size ø 12.0 cm
Material Plastic 
Power  Use with our Maxilight tealights 
Burning time 10 hours, minimum
What else? Shock & UV resistant
Safe: the plastic is FDA certified so contact with food products is no problem.
Can be used with standard tealights - but not as long lasting
No overflowing wax or mess!