5 reasons to buy LED candles

Everybody loves that cozy feeling that a real candle gives. However, a lot of people don't know that there is a better alternative for the traditional candle: the LED candle. 
Here are 5 good reasons why our LED candles are a good looking, not to mention, practical addition to your home decor:

LED candles are illuminated by a small light bulb, rather than an open flame, they pose less threat as fire hazards and are much safer for your pets too!

Our LED candles are made from real wax and look just as beautiful as real candles. You’ll experience the same cozy experience as with a real candle.

Save the mess
We all experienced the terrible mess that a real candle can create. Our LED candles have no real flame, so no mess involved!

Adjustable flicker
The LED candles come with an adjustable flicker which makes it easy to adjust the mood to the occasion. Another advantage our LED candles have over a traditional candle.

Remote control
All our LED candles can be operated with a remote control! You can choose between 2/4/6 or 8 hours function, or you can switch "on" all the time or "off" all the time.