moments cylinder metal

by imagilights
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Our moments collection by Imagilights comprises of stylish table lights that sit at the top end of the range. With an elegant touch & feel and beautifully distributed light, a moments table light will add ambience to your fine dining restaurant, bar or lobby lounge.

The collection also features the innovative colour lock function, giving you full control of your restaurant or bar lighting. 

These lamps are stocked in our European warehouse, please allow 4 weeks for delivery.

What is it? Cordless table light
Brand Imagilights
Model Moments cylinder metal
Cool features Static or colour changing
  24 Pre-set colours
  2 Candle modes
  4 Brightness modes
  Colour lock function
  Battery indicator
Suitable for Indoor & outdoor 
Set options Light  only
Set of 1: 1 light & 1 charger 
Set of 8: 8 lights, 1 charging tray & 2 remote controls
Warranty 24 months on normal usage 


Size ø 10 x 22.6 cm 
Material  Anodized brushed aluminum
Power Rechargeable batteries 
Direct contact charging
  Single or multiple charging tray
Charging time 8 hours
Burning time 15 hours, minimum
IP 52 (water resistant)
What else? Shock and UV resistant
LED lifetime min 50.000 hours