tebur cubic

by imagilights
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The Tebur range from Imagilights is a strong, long-lasting collection of value for money LED lights.

What is it? Cordless table light
Brand Imagilights
Model Tebur cubic
Cool features Static or colour changing
  24 Pre-set colours
  2 Candle modes
  4 Brightness modes
  Colour lock function
  Battery indicator
Suitable for  Indoor & outdoor
Set options Light only 
Set of : 1 light & 1 charger 
Set of 8: 8 lights, 1 charging tray & 2 remote controls
Warranty 24 months on normal usage 


Size 10.0 x 10.0 x 15.0 cm
Material Polyethylene
Power  Rechargeable batteries
Direct contact charging 
Single or multiple charging tray  
Charging time 4 hours 
Burning time 7 hours, minimum
IP 52 (water proof)
What else? Shock & UV resistant
LED lifetime min 50.000 hours